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The project

  • An introduction

    The project “Flexible LNG bunkering value chain in the Spanish Mediterranean Coast” - BunkerLogix, was granted a subsidy by the European Commission in the TEN-T framework in year 2013. The main objective of the project was to meet the requirements to overcome the existing barriers for stablishing a LNG bunkering supply chain providing supply for ships and vessels in the Mediterranean basin of Spain, dealing with the technical, operative, economic and legal aspects of a LNG bunkering vessel operations enabling medium term deployment. The Action, as a specific solution, considered the developments in COSTA and the North European LNG Infrastructure Project, since it can be considered as an extension of both projects.

    LNG bunker in Northern Europe is advancing towards granting security of supply with projects such as the North European LNG Infrastructure. However, worldwide lack of security of supply is undermining the spread of LNG bunkering. Therefore, providing security of supply in the Western Mediterranean could represent an important milestone towards LNG supply chain implementation.

    Between July and August 2013, initial meetings were held between the project stakeholders and the EC, in order to present the project and to define its objectives. The works for this project finally started in September 2013, collecting information from the different stakeholders, and ended in December 2014.

    A concrete solution to provide LNG bunker supply was developed. The scope of work of the project covered the studies to enable the Final Investment Decision to carry out its ulterior deployment.

  • Objectives

    • Design a LNG bunkering supply chain based on a bunkering vessel and existing gas and port infrastructure.
    • Analyse in detail the operational implications of the LNG bunkering activities in the main Spanish ports in the Mediterranean coast.
    • Contribute to the definition of standards in LNG bunkering supply in Spain, attempting to harmonise them with current industry practices in the North and Baltic Seas and the progress at European level.
    • Draw up the permitting roadmap and critical path for obtaining the necessary permits in order to be able to carry out the LNG bunkering activity.
    • Quantify the demand necessary to obtain a critical mass that would allow the investment in future LNG facilities, and analysis of the best suited logistic solution.

  • Project drivers

    Different drivers must be aligned to enable the LNG bunker supply:

    Fexibility, Security of supply, Competitiveness, Permitting

Main Results

  • BunkerLogix – the Project

    Main results and summary of the project are shown in the BunkerLogix presentation.

  • LNG bunker vessel engineering design

    A LNG bunker vessel was designed, compatible with the Spanish existing gas and port infrastructure. The design has received the Approval in Principle from DNV-GL.

  • LNG bunkering ship-to-ship procedure

    A LNG bunkering procedure was developed to provide guidance to the masters and operators of the BunkerLogix LNG vessels undertaking side-by-side ship-to-ship bunkering of LNG.

  • Custody Transfer Measurement System (CTMS)

    The best suited CTMS system was developed for the bunkering vessels. In the procedure the state of art of the formulation, instruments and equipment to be installed were defined in order to be able to measure the energy content of the LNG transferred.

  • Crew training

    A report addressing specific training needs for the crew of the vessel was developed, taking into account the LNG particularities. It was carried out together with DNV GL.

  • Regulatory Roadmap

    A permitting roadmap was drawn up in order to stablish the critical path for obtaining the necessary permits in order to be able to perform the LNG bunkering activity in the Spanish Mediterranean coast.

  • Port LNG bunkering terms and conditions

    Within the scope of the project, port LNG bunkering terms and conditions for the supply service of LNG as fuel for ships were specified together with the Port Authorities of Algeciras, Barcelona, Cartagena and Valencia and the Spanish Maritime Authority.

  • LNG potential demand market test

    The purpose of the study was to characterize the present and future demand of LNG as a fuel for vessels sailing within the Mediterranean and calling in the ports of Barcelona, Valencia, Cartagena and Algeciras. For this purpose, a market test was carried out, involving key stakeholders in the sector.

  • Short sea shipping supply study

    This study identifies and describes the current short sea shipping services available in the Spanish Mediterranean coast and calculates the current fuel consumption, also allowing characterizing the fleet giving these services in the area of study.

Partners and stakeholders

  • Partners

    Valenciaport Foundation (FVP)

    Valenciaport Foundation (FVP):

    The Valenciaport Foundation (Valenciaport Foundation) is a non-profit private entity conceived to further expand the reach of the logistics-ports community by serving as a research, training and cooperation centre of excellence. The Valenciaport Foundation manifests an initiative of the Port Authority of Valencia (PAV), in collaboration with various other associations, companies and institutions.

    Autoridad Portuaria de Cartagena (APC)

    Autoridad Portuaria de Cartagena (APC):

    One of the most important ports in the Spanish Mediterranean Coast. It represents five (5%) per cent of total Spanish maritime traffic. It has extensive experience in LNG due to the Regasification terminal located inside the Port.

    Ros Roca Indox

    Indox :

    Ros Roca Indox CryoEnergy, S.L. has been focused on developing global solutions for small scale LNG value chain, providing design, engineering, construction, commissioning and start up for liquefaction, logistics, storage, regasification and final uses of natural gas.



    Leading company in the production and supply of hydrocarbons in Spain, including bunkering supply. It has established capabilities and knowledge of LNG due to its international and national experience developing and operating LNG projects.

  • Stakeholders

    Dirección General de la Marina Mercante (DGMM)

    Dirección General de la Marina Mercante (DGMM):

    Dirección General de Marina Mercante is the competent body for the Spanish Maritime Administration.

    Puerto Bahía de Algeciras

    Puerto Bahia de Algeciras:

    The Port of Algeciras Bay is located on the Strait of Gibraltar a geostrategic point at the crossroads of the world's main shipping lines connecting Europe to Asia, Africa and the Americas. Our throughput evolution has allowed us to become one of the main ports in Southern Europe and in the Mediterranean. In 2013, the Port of Algeciras Bay made history by breaking the 90.2 million ton throughput record.

    Autoridad Portuaria Barcelona (APB)

    Autoridad Portuaria Barcelona (APB):

    Barcelona Port represents ten (10%) per cent of total Spanish maritime traffic. It has extensive experience in LNG due to the presence of the oldest regasification terminal in Spain.



    Enagas is the main transmission, LNG and UGS operator and Technical Manager of the Spanish Gas System, certified as TSO by the European Union. It owns and operates 5 LNG terminals in Spain, more than 10,000 km of transmission network and 3 UGS.



    SAGGAS is the owner of Sagunto regasification terminal, its stakeholders are large infrastructures and energy companies, such as Unión Fenosa Gas, Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management, Osaka Gas UK and Oman Oil Holdings Spain. Its mission is to run the commercial and maintenance operations of Sagunto regasification terminal.

    Det Norske Veritas (DNV)


    DNV GL is the world’s leading classification society and a recognized advisor for the maritime industry. We enhance safety, quality, energy efficiency and environmental performance of the global shipping industry – across all vessel types and offshore structures. We invest heavily in research and development to find solutions, together with the industry, that address strategic, operational or regulatory challenges.



    Balèaria is a Spanish shipping company, leader and specialist in the transportation of people and roll on/roll off cargo in the Spanish Mediterranean. The company operates regular services in the Balearic Islands, the Strait of Gibraltar and the Bahamas.

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